A major driver for content marketing is the emergence of marketing automation software in response to the new challenges of selling to on-demand buyers. This technology enables marketers to capture, manage and measure interactions with online buyers.

Capture: Marketing automation enables organizations to capture buyer interactions and “behaviors” as they engage content. “Digital body language” is the principle of using content to identify buyer roles, interests, stages of consideration and more.

Manage: By automating interactions and responses based upon these learnings, relevant content is automatically sent to buyers triggered by these interactions.

Measure: The holy grail for marketers is the ability to measure and demonstrate the efficacy of programs, and use that information to optimize specific tactics.

Without quality, relevant, buyer-centric content in formats buyers prefer, the minute they are interested, this strategy and the value of the enabling technology loses effectiveness.

FunnelFactory content publishing and operations support help marketing teams realize expected benefits.

Some popular Marketing Automation tools:


Small Enterprise

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Medium Enterprise




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