On demand customers use the internet, content and social media to perform early buying stage investigations where they used to require vendor assistance. Many sales organizations still haven’t adjusted to the new realities of selling to on demand customers.

Caller ID and overloaded email inboxes help buyers avoid intrusive push oriented selling approaches. Sales frustration is palpable.

After customer engagements begin, there are more people participating in the buying process than ever before. The issues and interests of each buyer must be addressed uniquely. This increases sales complexity, cycle times, selling cost and risk.

Adding to these factors, on demand customers also have difficulty perceiving differentiated value among vendors. Vendors are instituting more comprehensive, solution oriented offerings requiring more sales skills, knowledge and new engagement techniques.

Sales enablement solutions typically focus on managing and accessing content. But sales organizations may not effectively leverage selling content or new content delivery methods.

Marketing expertise is typically creating text and web based content for early buying stages. Expertise to create dynamic, targeted, sales process content is often missing.

If these issues constrain your productivity, we’d like to speak with you. Please contact us. If you would like to take your selling content and delivery methods to the next level, we may be able to help you.