People tasked with channel sales and marketing responsibilities face the challenge that internal methods often don’t work well when applied to the unique needs of channel partners.

Partner organizations typically want to promote and run their own business, with enablement and support from you. This begins with the vendor’s core products (sometimes service), but includes the material necessary to sell, deliver and support those products.

While partner organizations want leads for sales, many can also generate their own leads. They have a brand, website and database, market segment expertise and credibility. But they lack marketing acumen and resources. They would value turnkey marketing support programs to help them do this.

Partner sales reps want to receive training as short, relevant on-demand aides, rather than formal training programs.

Sales support through a traditional, “four-legged-call” approach is often costly and inefficient. These days it is simply not possible anymore given the realities of downsized resource levels.

We believe in the adage, “he who makes it easiest to sell wins.”

By applying our modular content creation process, we help customers re-purpose internal content into channel ready content.

By managing modular assets in a low cost manner, we make it possible for partners to manage and integrate content from both organizations into integrated, co-branded content.

Our deployment, delivery and support services create huge leverage possibilities for both vendors and partners.

If these issues impair your performance, we’d like to speak with you.Please contact us. If you are ready to take your partner support program to the next level, we may be able to help.