Chief executives of business-to-business (B2B) selling organizations understand the value of re-engineering functions like finance and accounting, manufacturing and operations, and research and development.

The results can include simultaneous improvements in quality, operations throughput, as well as lower costs.

What about sales and marketing? How has the way you sell fundamentally changed in the last five to ten years? How has your yield on investments in direct selling improved? How has the quality of your selling improved — win rates, cycle times. What about selling costs?

How has your marketing strategy and programs changed? Sure, you have a web site, and you’ve moved transactional items to the web or channel. You’ve invested in CRM and web tools. Maybe you’ve instituted an inside sales team.

But have you invested your time and attention to understand the strategic nature of selling and marketing today, and how your company stacks up

  • Have you performed the transformation you previously achieved re-engineering other areas of your business, in sales and marketing?
  • Is the way you sell a key component of your value and differentiation in the eyes of your buyers?
  • Are you looking to innovate the way you market and sell in order to “change the game” in your industry and win more than your traditional share of business?

If so, we’d like to speak with you, contact us. If you are beginning this transformation we can accelerate your process. If you have made this transformation we know you could be struggling with implications where we may be able to help you take your program to the next level.