Stepping stone

FunnelFactory can be your stepping stone to new markets and business opportunities. We provide market intelligence and hands-on business development services to help you grow in your export market. Furthermore, if you want to establish a presence in Benelux, we can provide you with flexible support and solutions.

As our client, you benefit from the experience which we gained in business development projects for international companies targeting a variety of markets like information and communications technologies, engineering, manufacturing, datacenters, environmental technologies, medical technologies and LED.

Market Intelligence and Planning

Success in foreign markets requires proper preparation. A strategy that is successful in one country may not work in another due to differences in culture and economic and political environment. Therefore, understanding your target markets is essential.

We at FunnelFactory offer to share our market knowledge with you. In fact, working closely with our clients helps them to penetrate new markets faster.

We provide

Tailored market information

Assessment of the market for your product or service, typical customers and sales channels, competitive environment, market requirements, market size, etc.

Market entry strategy and Business planning

Target market segments, product positioning, suitable sales channels, marketing plan, etc.

Market Development

Our services help you reduce time to market and increase your return on investment in new markets. We are specialists in business-to-business sales and marketing, opening doors to new customers and business partners with real potential.

Outsourced Sales

The experience of our professionals in high-tech marketing and sales, their capability to handle the complexity of sales processes for high-tech products and to identify sales channels, even in niche markets, lets you make more efficient use of your own resources.

Our services

Search for local business partners

We can provide you with a fast track to local partners like distributors, value added resellers, agents, technology partners, JV partners, etc.

Introductions to buyers

Let us introduce you to new customers for your high-tech product or service offering. We carry out the complete process from initial research, lead generation and qualification to arrangement of sales meetings.

Sales, ongoing prospect relationship management

We act as your outsourced sales department!

Communication with the market

Mass mailings, press releases and press kits, articles for the specialist press, etc.

Your Local Presence in the Benelux

Our services will help smooth the way to establish your presence in Benelux. We can offer you a one-stop comprehensive service through a network of specialists such as accountants, auditors, lawyers, etc.

And, of course, we can act as your interim sales and marketing office in the Benelux to lower your risk and to avoid the overhead costs involved in setting up an office with your own staff.