The “Life-Blood” of every organization is sales. Now you have Hot Leads and you want sales to convert them into New Business.

By defining the customer buying process in your specific market and combining this with a standardized (but not static!) Sales Funnel approach you will be able to monitor the Sales Funnel and to interfere and adjust if necessary.

What we see in the market, is a lot of organizations continuing to rely on old, outdated, Single-Threaded sales models, where sales people are over-tasked and stressed out. What typically happens in these systems, are sales people being asked to do everything across all of the sales functions: take in-bound calls, make outbound calls, do client needs analysis, close the sale, once it’s closed manage the account etc. Throw in travel and paperwork and you can begin to see why there is no wonder sales people don’t have to prospect.

We want to help organizations move away from these Single-Thread sales strategies to a more efficient and effective Multi-Thread model, that develops specialization across each of the sales disciplines. Once you have specialization, you can hire the right people for each task…give them better tools…better processes and eventually develop best practices in each area.

We seek first to understand before we seek to be understood.

Every client is different, so we always begin our sales consulting with an intense 2-3 day on-site program development initiative that allows us to lift the hood and look at your entire sales engine. Here are some of the things we might take a look at as we co-author your new sales program.

  • Establish a strong existing baseline
  • Identify key performance indicators
  • Develop reports / dashboards
  • Identify the team and key stakeholders
  • Develop a calendar relationship
  • Determine list sources
  • Develop marketing automation programs
  • Work-up Situational Call Sheets
  • Identify Problem Statements / Value Propositions
  • Work-up Objection handling strategies
  • Work-up a tiered call strategy
  • Work-up a tiered voice mail strategy
  • Work-up a tiered email strategy
  • Work-up an online lead strategy
  • Work-up a “Sales Cadence”
  • Identify lead qualification criteria
  • Outline a lead hand-off process
  • Establish nurturing campaigns
  • Establish best practices for sales teams

Unlike most sales consultants, we don’t drop off a 3-Ring Binder and run. After we co-author the plan with you we execute every detail side by side with you over the long-term.