Despite all the ways organizations deploy content — portals, social media sites, etc. — we see a huge opportunity to improve deployment to and through direct and channel sales organizations.

By deployment we mean the ability to distribute content, marketing programs and tools that enable constituents to re-use, extend and leverage those assets for additional purposes or audiences.


Here are the specific problems we address:

  • Most sales and channel content portals are behind the firewall. There is no mechanism to help sales deliver content to customers except through usual email software. Sending content to customers is a tedious task. There is usually no feedback on whether content is consumed.
  • Channel organizations want to mix their content with vendor provided content to form a coherent story or solution they present to customers. They must go to the partner portal, log in, find and download content to begin the integration work.
  • Channel marketing organizations tend not to have the expertise to create compelling content, generate adequate leads, or provide optimum sales tools.


FunnelFactory Collections makes it fast and easy to access marketing, training and sales content that is organized in user intuitive “Collections.” Users select the appropriate content and media type — text, PowerPoint, audio or even video. Custom shows can quickly and easily be assembled online.

Sales people deliver to their audiences in Customer Pages that “package, manage and deliver” content conveniently for buying teams. When content is viewed, the sales person receives feedback that provides timely, actionable information. This improves sales’ ability to accelerate buyers through their purchase process.

Within FunnelFactory Collections, channel organizations mix vendor with partner sales content and tools into logical Collections that support the vendor’s sales, marketing and training preferences. Partner marketing organizations re-use, and often co-brand, vendor marketing content and programs for partner lead generation activities.