To optimize the management and use of PowerPoint, organizations should manage individual slides as virtual topical collections, in a database that minimizes slide duplication.

FunnelFactory Collections makes it possible to organize an unlimited number of collections to address the varied situations and audiences where PowerPoint is required. Rather than rely on individual sales people to determine the best slides and sequence for a situation, best practice recommendations can be shared to all. In addition, key slides can actually be maintained over time.

We have applied this capability to managing modular video in an application that allows video modules to be custom assembled in a manner similar to what we have done with PowerPoint for a dozen years.

This means that business people — including sales, inside and channel sales, marketing, training and senior executives — can assemble custom video from a library of pre-produced video assets.

For sales and channel sales this also serves as a “just-in-time” learning and sales coaching system that improves pre-call preparation. With visual and video support, sales conversations are more efficient and effective. And video is a better leave behind than static PowerPoint or text.

Marketing people assemble custom video for campaign specific email or landing pages, lead nurturing content, even video enhanced press releases.

Beyond organization and access this system makes it possible to:

  • Link related documents or content from other repositories — document or learning management systems for example — into sales relevant Collections to resolve the question, “what do I send to my customer now?”
  • Link Collections into third party repositories such as sales or channel portals to maintain a single point of access
  • Update and replace individual slides, audio or video elements to maintain and extend the useful life of content
  • Assemble online custom PowerPoint and MP4 video shows
  • Deliver easily to customers with tracking and notification of consumption