Your CRM System is only as good as the data that’s in it.

CRM Updating is an important service of us. There are a number of things we see happening in the market when it comes to CRM systems. The number one CRM problem, is bad records. Most CRM systems we run into have about 30-60% of bad or outdated records in them. The number two problem is getting sales people to input data and update the pipeline. The third problem we see most often is poor dashboards that lead to a very limited visibility into the sales pipeline. We fix all of that.

  • We will update all of your records
  • Because we are fully integrated into your sales team, we are responsible for the majority of the data entry, instead of your sales people
  • Our CRM experts have developed a number of dashboards to give you unprecedented visibility into your pipeline.


Updating your CRM System has HUGE VALUE

Let’s look at a scenario…

Let’s say your marketing department is going to run a $100,000 direct mail campaign. If your database has 30% bad records in it, then you are going to throw about $30,000 into a black hole.

Here is another scenario…let’s say you have a competitor…COMPETITOR ABC. Let’s say bad happened to them. We can pull up every prospect using COMPETITOR ABC and target them with a new campaign. Chances are your competition can’t move as fast as you can because they don’t have a fully integrated system nor do they have the CRM data to let them do this.

A similar example is…let’s say that a new law gets passes that affects your industry. We can quickly re-focus our sales efforts to your industry with the new information.

There is real value in being able to respond to market changes and being able to respond faster than your competition is priceless.