Our customers often have specific content projects where we can help. We apply our structured content publishing program for projects to create lead generation, education, nurturing, sales enablement and customer engagement content.


Our customers tell us our process:

  • Brings fresh ideas and approaches to content projects
  • Optimizes the amount and variety of output for each project
  • Minimizes the time and effort of subject expert participation
  • Optimizes content quality, delivery speed AND investment
  • Delivers reliably on time


Often this allows customers to experience this innovative program, process, deliverables and benefits.

Content services also supplement lead management, PowerPoint and video management, sales, inside sales and partner ecosystem services.

FunnelFactory is unique in the ability to apply the publishing process to create modular video content that is tailored for relevance, shared across marketing, training, sales and channel applications, and easily maintained to extend shelf life and return on content.