CRM Updating

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Your CRM System is only as good as the data that’s in it. CRM Updating is a byproduct of what we do. There are a number of things we see happening in the market when it comes to CRM systems. The number one problem, is bad records. Most CRM systems we run into have about 30-60% of bad or outdated records in them. The number two problem is getting sales people to input data and update the pipeline. The third problem we see most often is poor dashboards that lead to a very limited visibility into the sales pipeline. We fix all of that. We will...

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Video vignettes-second-voice

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Traditional video production techniques are expensive and take too long given most planning horizons. Once developed, they tend to have a short useful life. In fact, the traditional video production method doesn’t scale to make high volume or custom video a practical tool. By applying the Avitage publishing methodology and innovative techniques, Avitage has developed a process to create video that is practical for regular communication. The top level content planning process, with the modular creation approach, results in the variety of...

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Despite all the ways organizations deploy content — portals, social media sites, etc. — we see a huge opportunity to improve deployment to and through direct and channel sales organizations. By deployment we mean the ability to distribute content, marketing programs and tools that enable constituents to re-use, extend and leverage those assets for additional purposes or audiences. Here are the specific problems we address: Most sales and channel content portals are behind the firewall. There is no mechanism to help sales deliver content...

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Structured content publishing program

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A content strategy to publish buyer relevant content results in new requirements and challenges that marketers have never had to face before. It requires new skills, resources, processes, and disciplines. To address these requirements organizations need to change the way they create, manage and deliver content. A structured publishing program is the most cost effective way to create quality, personalized, buyer-relevant content, rapidly, in many formats. By leveraging each project, and the resources that contribute to it, costs are lowered...

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Create content

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Our customers often have specific content projects where we can help. We apply our structured content publishing program for projects to create lead generation, education, nurturing, sales enablement and customer engagement content. Our customers tell us our process: Brings fresh ideas and approaches to content projects Optimizes the amount and variety of output for each project Minimizes the time and effort of subject expert participation Optimizes content quality, delivery speed AND investment Delivers reliably on time Often this allows...

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Manage PowerPoint & Video

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To optimize the management and use of PowerPoint, organizations should manage individual slides as virtual topical collections, in a database that minimizes slide duplication. FunnelFactory Collections makes it possible to organize an unlimited number of collections to address the varied situations and audiences where PowerPoint is required. Rather than rely on individual sales people to determine the best slides and sequence for a situation, best practice recommendations can be shared to all. In addition, key slides can actually be maintained...

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Services for Business Support Organizations

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FunnelFactory has been working with business support organizations like regional development agencies, commercial services of embassies and industry associations for over a decade. We have successfully supported a diverse range of international business development projects in industries such as information and communications technologies, advanced manufacturing, automotive, environmental technologies, renewable energies, medical technologies, and life sciences. Trade Development If you are promoting trade in foreign markets, you know that an...

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We work with a number of external specialists, including tax consultants, accountants, lawyers specialized on (international) business law, recruiting agencies, media designers, to provide you with intelligent and flexible solutions for your business.

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Services for Companies

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FunnelFactory can be your stepping stone to new markets and business opportunities. We provide market intelligence and hands-on business development services to help you grow in your export market. Furthermore, if you want to establish a presence in Germany, we can provide you with flexible support and solutions. As our client, you benefit from the experience which we gained in numerous business development projects for international companies targeting a variety of markets like information and communications technologies, engineering,...

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Sales Platform Set-Up

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If you are a VP of Sales and you want to have a cutting edge Sales Platform, you have to have cutting-edge tools. Sales tools are advancing at the speed of light, expanding exponentially with capabilities, efficiencies and insights. We can help you take advantage of some absolutely amazing technologies. What’s even more important is we know exactly how to merge these best of breed technologies together to build a seamless and fully-integrated sales platform. The amount of sales horsepower that can be generated by this fully integrates sales...

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