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Great results and fun at work through a structured approach of the Marketing and Sales Funnel

    Hot Leads

    Hot Leads are necessary for Sales to generate New Business. These Hot Leads should be generated by marketing. However the marketing function (at least as most business executives define it) has been undergoing substantial change over at least the last 10-15 years. More...

    New Business

    The “Life-Blood” of every organization is sales. Now you have Hot Leads and you want sales to convert them into New Business. By defining the customer buying process in your specific market and combining this with a Sales Funnel approach you will be able to monitor the Sales Funnel and to interfere and adjust if necessary. More...

    New Markets

    FunnelFactory helps companies and organizations achieve their business goals in international markets. We offer market entry, business development and sales services, and contribute to the successful implementation of export promotion and inward investment programs. More...



CRM Updating

Posted on Dec 5 by

Your CRM System is only as good as the data that’s in it. CRM Updating is a byproduct of what we do. There are a number of things we see happening in the market when it comes to...


Video vignettes-second-voice

Posted on Dec 5 by

Traditional video production techniques are expensive and take too long given most planning horizons. Once developed, they tend to have a short useful life. In fact, the...



Posted on Nov 5 by

Despite all the ways organizations deploy content — portals, social media sites, etc. — we see a huge opportunity to improve deployment to and through direct and channel sales...


Structured content publishing program

Posted on Jan 20 by

A content strategy to publish buyer relevant content results in new requirements and challenges that marketers have never had to face before. It requires new skills, resources,...


Create content

Posted on Dec 14 by

Our customers often have specific content projects where we can help. We apply our structured content publishing program for projects to create lead generation, education,...


Manage PowerPoint & Video

Posted on Nov 27 by

To optimize the management and use of PowerPoint, organizations should manage individual slides as virtual topical collections, in a database that minimizes slide...